• When Lawyers Should Publish a Press Release for the Most Success

When Lawyers Should Publish a Press Release for the Most Success

In the expanding world of internet marketing, the timing of publications are more important than ever. Lawyers have to pay close attention to when their clients are online. Here are a few tips to consider when creating the ideal Press Release publication schedule.

Day of the Week

You might think Monday is the best day to publish a press release. Since it’s the beginning of the week, people are more alert and ready for new information. The problem with that is you’re not the first one to come up with that idea. Mondays are the biggest day for both news and company announcements. This makes it easy for your press release to get lost in the shuffle. Instead, aim for publishing between Tuesday-Thursday. These are better days because people are less burdened with new information in the middle of the week. By the time Friday rolls around, they are tapped out and less likely to listen to what you have to say.

Time of Day

The same principle applies to the timing of your press release. Most new information hits your consumer’s desk between 7-9 am. Why bother competing with a stack of information and risk being thrown out with the bathwater. The ideal time to publish a press release is 10-11 am. By this time, a majority of stories and other announcements have already been read or tossed out, leaving your clients open to reading something new.

Frequency of Publication

When it comes to search engine rankings and conversion rates, consistency is key. No matter how interesting, informative, or entertaining your last press release was, your audience has a short attention span. With every company on the web vying for their attention, you can’t afford to stay silent for too long. At the least, publish a new press release every month. But if your goal is improving your SEO, a weekly or biweekly schedule is usually better. The key is to build on your past results and give your clients a reason to remember your name.

Once you’ve ironed out the ideal time, day, and frequency of publications, your publication schedule should create itself. After that, focus on the quality of your content. Even with the perfect schedule in place, a poorly-written title or bland press release will hold you back from your sales goals. On the other hand, catchy titles and information-rich content will be sure to bring new clients to your door.

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