• What Not to Do When Blogging

What Not to Do When Blogging

Developing a useful and engaging blog on your legal website is an immensely beneficial marketing strategy. However, there are a few pitfalls to avoid before getting started. Read on to learn more about what not to do when blogging.

Don’t Get Too Wordy

Always write with the busy professional in mind. Your client’s time and attention is divided between your site, their daily agenda, and the 4 o’clock meeting they’re planning. The most surefire way to lose their attention is to write long paragraphs of robotic content with few or no line breaks. Instead, use line breaks and headings. Write paragraphs that are short, unique, and engaging. People want to feel like they’re doing business with people, not machines.

Don’t Slow Down

When it comes to gaining repeat traffic, consistency is king. If you gained 1,000 views per month by posting a new blog every 5 days, don’t slack off to one blog post a month and expect your viewers to keep coming back. Also, don’t slack on quality in an effort to maintain blogging momentum. Stay behind your brand. Protect it, cherish it.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Another all-too-common mistake in B2B blogging is relying on the popularity of one social network to drive shares. Social media trends change with the wind. By relying on only one or two platforms, you might be missing out on the budding popularity of newer sites. So, diversifying your profile among 5 or more platforms will keep you from missing the next big wave.

Don’t Get Too Pitchy

It’s almost impossible to maintain the friendly, conversational of a blog if you’re pitching a new product or service every few lines. If it sounds too much like a commercial, it will be read that way, and you will have a hard time keeping people coming back. If you do have an offer that goes along with the content, mention it briefly before getting back to the topic at hand.

Don’t Skimp on the Budget

It’s virtually impossible to maintain consistent traffic without allocating a fair amount of money toward design, content, and marketing. If you rely on yourself or even volunteers, the quality will fall behind or you will lose the consistency needed to create repeat traffic. The more you invest, in both time and money, the more profit you will gain.

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