• Website Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Website Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers

If you want your online marketing efforts to thrive, invest in developing quality and engaging website content. Creating a new website does not guarantee new client leads. Obtaining new clients depends heavily on how well you market your website. Read on to review my website content marketing tips for lawyers.

Create a Content Marketing Plan 

Before you invest in promoting your content online, establish a realistic content marketing plan. Lawyers that publish evergreen content (content that stays relevant for long periods of time) should make at least 3 website updates a week. This may consist of publishing videos, blog articles, or new pages to your website. Consider publishing 2 to 3 blog articles per week to keep your website active and updated. Talk to your clients to find out how they use your website. Analyze whether or not your website is meeting their needs. Obtain input from your clients in regards to how to improve your website’s user experience.

Outsource Your Content Marketing

Most lawyers are too busy to update their website on a weekly basis. You can outsource content to legal copywriters for assistance.  This will allow you to devote your time on growing and managing your law practice.

If you have a high case load, or you don’t want to spend your time with online marketing, contact us for more information on working with legal content writers. 

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