Why Lawyers Should Use Twitter

To tweet, or not to tweet?  That is the question for most lawyers who debate on whether to join Twitter. Twitter provides lawyers the opportunity to connect, engage, and share information related to their law practice with millions of users.  Twitter is one of my favorite social media platform to help lawyers generate new client leads. Read on to learn more about why lawyers should use Twitter. 

So what exactly is Twitter?

Twitter is an online social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters known as “tweets.” Such short snippets of information have transformed the internet. It has allowed people worldwide to discuss political, religious, and pop-culture topics. 

How to Use the 140 character message? 

Twitter for LawyersUsing 140 characters or less keeps a tweet straight to the point.  You must carefully phrase your statement to deliver a highly effective message in which other users will want to review in more detail.  The great thing about Twitter is that people get to see snippets of post and decide instantaneously if they want to read more.

Tweets can range from varying topics relating to the promotion of your law office.  If you share quality and engaging content, others will follow you and re-tweet your tweets for you. This will increase your user engagement and further your content online.

Is Twitter right for you?

From a statistical standpoint, not many lawyers use Twitter.  For instance,  a recent 2012 ABA study revealed that 13% of law firms use Twitter in comparison to 10% of solo firms.  Further, around 11% of lawyers use Twitter.  Twitter is a great social platform for legal professionals to use to promote their law practice online.  Whether it be your law practice, or the promotion of a new legal technology software, Twitter is the place to socially connect with people to build social relationships.

This blog post has touched on the bare bones of the benefits of Twitter.  The key takeaway is to start tweeting.  You will make mistakes along the way, but do not be discouraged.  Follow me @kymeshiamorris.  I am excited to connect with you.

For attorneys engaged in the practice of law, if you seek to open a Twitter account to connect with potential clients, I strongly urge you to review the ABA and your State Bar Professional Ethic Rules on the use of social media and advertising.

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