Twitter Chat for Lawyers 

Twitter Chat is a one of the greatest features of Twitter. It is a unique public conversation held between Twitter users by a specified hashtag. Lawyers can create Twitter Chats regarding pressing legal issues to connect with their followers. Read on to learn more about Twitter Chat for lawyers. 

What is Twitter Chat?

As mentioned above, Twitter Chat is a unique public conversation held between twitter users by a specified hashtag.   A hashtag starts with # symbol and is followed by a group of words that designates a specified keyword and/or topic of  the tweet.   In the picture below, my hashtag  topic for the tweet is #legal and #entrepreneurs.


Twitter Chat for Lawyers


In a Twitter Chat, the hashtag will refer to the topic of discussion. Topics may range from starting a law practice to a recent SCOTUS decision.  When participating in a chat, make sure to include the specified chat hashtag in your tweet.  Your tweet will then be displayed in the chat feed for other users to comment.

 What is the benefit of participating?

There are several benefits in participating in Twitter Chats:

1. Increase Your Social Network

Participating in a Twitter Chat is a great way for you to increase your social network. I continuously meet new people to connect with in Twitter Chats.  If you are looking to meet more solo attorneys on Twitter, or connect with legal professionals who chat about social media, then joining or creating a Twitter Chat will definitely help expand your social network pertaining to your specified interests.

2.  Social Engagement

Twitter Chats promote social engagement.  If you are looking to connect with people about your brand, then use a Twitter Chat to connect.  Do not be a passive user of Twitter.  If you are looking to “be and do social,” then you need to start chatting.

3.  Market Your Brand

You can join business chats that discuss business brands.  This would be a great way to tell people what your business is about.  Be ready to chat about other brands as well. Remember, being proactive on Twitter involves sharing other people’s content as well.

Chats I plan to participate in:

1.  #Shenowchat November 5 @ 7pm PST.

2. #Blogchat Sunday @ 6pm PST.

3. #CMGRchat Wednesdays @ 2pm EST.



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