• My Top 5 Website Design Tips for Lawyers

My Top 5 Website Design Tips for Lawyers

Designing the perfect legal website it not always easy. From selecting the right color palette, to optimizing page speed, a lawyer should consult with a professional website designer when creating a website. Review my top 5 website design tips for lawyers below to get started.

5 Key Website Design Tips for Lawyers

1. Insert Key Content Above the Fold

Several studies show that website visitors spend more time above the fold on a website. Being above the fold refers to what shows up on the screen without having to scroll down. Display your main content above the fold. This includes a brief description of your legal services, contact form, or office phone number. Shorten your header height and decrease the navigation menu size to increase visibility.

2. Simplify Your Color Scheme

Pick and stick to a three-color palette. Consistency is everything when it comes to designing a website. Use neutral palettes and a strong accent color. A neutral color palette can help your website project a clean and modern appearance.

Simplifying your color scheme will help with branding. Use a color palette that compliments your logo. Make sure it is consistent with your marketing materials.

3. Use Professional Photos

Invest in professional photography or purchase professional stock photos. To draw attention to a piece of content, include a photo of a person looking at the content. Your visitor’s eyes will naturally be drawn to the content as well. Make sure your photos are the right size. Large images may look pixelated on some screens. Use WP Smush to resize and optimize your images.

4. Maximize Website Speed

Design webpages that load quickly. A delay in page load times results in fewer page views and a loss in conversion.  Use WP Super Cache to compress large pages and reduce load time. When you use browser caching, a static html file will be generated from the webserver. Once the html file is created, your server will use this information instead of processing extensive PHP scripts for each visit.

5. Eliminate Clutter

Eliminate visual clutter. Several legal websites waste space by highlighting non-essential content. Insert the same call-to-action message on each page. Eliminate clicking options in the header, sidebar, and footer. This will help narrow the focus to the main call-to-action message on the page.

I hope the tips above help with designing your website. Contact us for more information about our website design services for lawyers.

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