My Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Law Blog

My Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Law Blog

21st Century consumers are not unlike their 20th Century counterparts. They just have a new web address. When it comes to cornering the legal field, your law blog may be the key to your success.  Here are some tips on how to maximize the power of your content.

1. Be an Altruist

Your clients can smell a sales pitch from a mile away.  Instead, share new information your readers want to know.  Then, introduce your service naturally.  

2. Be a Mathematician

Blog posts should be information and value-rich. An easy way to add value is through data.  Studies show blogs with statistics including facts and figures are five times more successful at engaging an audience. Readers stay longer on a page and are more likely to come back.

3. Be an Authority

Every lawyer has a niche of expertise. Use that to your advantage by sharing your knowledge with the blogosphere. Help a potential client understand their legal issues better than they could on their own, and the conversion will take care of itself.

4. Be an Over-Sharer

Do you have an odd hobby or an interesting story about how you entered the legal field?  More now than ever, people buy people. A great way to help your clients like you is to share information about yourself.

5. Be the Guy/Gal Next-door

Social media giant Neil Patel is notorious for sharing inside information on his business that others would not provide.  This seems self-congratulatory to some, but it has turned him into one of the most followed social media experts in the world.

6. Be a Geographer

Maps and charts aren’t just for travelers anymore.  They’re a great way to help your clients understand a concept and establish authority at the same time. Consider using infographics or even visuals that match well with your content.

7. Be a Social Butterfly

In the blogging world, content travels fast.  Why not help it along by Tweeting your blogs posts live, or giving your readers the ability to do the same.  You can even have a social post embedded in your blog.

8. Be a Repeat Offender

The most successful business blogs update their content at least once a week.  Not only does this have a positive SEO effect, but it gives your clients more of a reason to keep coming back.

9. Be an Entertainer

Stories have a powerful way of drawing a reader and keeping them on the page. Do you have a funny or insightful case in your background that would be of interest to your clients?  If it’s written well enough, you may also see it swimming the channels of social media, like Twitter or Facebook.

10. Be a Skeptic

Just because you’re following the tips above doesn’t mean your blog is as successful as it could be. Once you get started, use a metrics system like Google Analytics to measure your success. Use the information to find your strength and toss out ideas that are not working.

I hope the tips above help. If you need help with publishing content for your law blog, contact us.

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