• 3 Ways Blogging Will Grow Your Law Practice

3 Ways Blogging Will Grow Your Law Practice

There’s a reason why locally owned shops are so successful. Stories sell. People are becoming overwhelmed with products and services that feel impersonal and are searching for ways to make their lives more meaningful. A law blog is the most cost-effective platform to do just that. By creating an image and vision people can believe in, you will reach more prospective clients and build a loyal readership.

Create Trust

People experiencing legal difficulties are likely to conduct Google searches to find the answer to their problems. Imagine how much they would appreciate finding a page that meets their immediate needs. As a lawyer, you no doubt have the insight to meet your clients’ needs in court. Why not offer your insight in a personal, friendly tone? People want to do business with people they can trust, and a law blog creates a unique avenue to build trust almost instantaneously.

Create a Story

If you’ve ever walked into a local coffee shop and read the business owner’s bios or vision statement, you can understand the power a story holds. Our brains are wired to remember content that is connected to emotion. Avoid the temptation to write bland SEO-rich content that’s only good for Google Bots. Remember your audience is human in the end. Instead of overwhelming your audience with a list of facts, use real-life experiences to stimulate their emotion. If you appeal to their need for inspiration, you will not only get them to believe in you, but you will give them something to tell others. To create a captive audience, you have to create an experience.

Create Value

Creating meaningful, information-rich content is not an easy task. While you want to write with your audience in mind, you cannot afford to ignore SEO. To get your audience to believe in your expertise and boost the SEO power of your site, you might want to consider hiring a legal copywriter. While there are more up-front costs, you will see dividends in the end, in both increased traffic and time you can devote to other things.


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