• Blogging Benefits for Lawyers

The Benefits of Blogging for Lawyers

Increasing conversions with minimal invest is every lawyer’s dream. Thanks to a wealth of software and blogging tools, that dream is now a reality. Today, creating a strong marketing platform begins and ends online, where a large number of lawyers have become overnight successes by utilizing this simple tool.

Law Blogs Are Cost-Effective

Unless you happen to possess both savvy business knowledge and a wealth of experience in html, marketing a website is a hefty investment. Hiring a talented web designer is costly, and making changes to an existing site can be time-consuming or make an already sizeable investment too much to maintain. With minimal entry costs and user-friendly programming, blogging is an affordable alternative to website marketing.

Law Blogs Create Brand Recognition

Consistent blogging also develops the image of your brand. If maintained consistently, the law blog is the ideal platform to highlight your field expertise and casually connect with your clients. The informal tone of the law blog provides a space for two-way communication, allowing your audience to provide feedback and develop the ever-elusive and invaluable sense of consumer trust and loyalty.

Law Blogs Are Measurable Investments

While there is currently a lot of buzz circling about the benefits of social media marketing, the fact is that conversions driven through platforms like Twitter or Facebook are difficult if not impossible to measure. On the other hand, the benefits of a law blog are remarkably tangible. Blogging software programs are designed to measure interactions, unique visitors, repeat visitors, and the exact time a visitor spends on your site. These numbers can help you pinpoint reader interest and make immediate changes to improve the customer experience and increase conversion. Social media and other marketing tools fail to provide this kind of insight.

Blogging is Networking Made Simple

It is easy to see how a law office with a small marketing budget can take advantage of the platform blogging provides. But many lawyers miss out on the potential to use their blog to build B2B connections. In the New York Times bestseller, “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World,” leadership author Michael Hyatt shares how he developed a community through the sharing of other people’s blogs. After helping big-named businessmen sell products, he helped himself, benefiting directly from their reciprocal sharing of his content.

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