• Social Media Marketing Success for Lawyers

Social Media Marketing Success for Lawyers

Below are tips lawyers can use to help maximize their social media marketing success.  Read on to learn more.

Create Engaging Content to Increase Website Traffic

A key reason lawyers use social media marketing is to increase traffic to their website.  Website traffic is one of the main factors that determines the success of any website.  If a website does not receive adequate traffic, it will not obtain new client leads.

So how can you use social media to increase traffic to your website?  First, create “ENGAGING” content to share with your followers.  When you share engaging content, more people will visit your website for information and share it with their social connections.

Connect with Clients Online to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Connect with clients on social networks to measure customer satisfaction. Like any other business, lawyers must also provide excellent customer service.  If a lawyer does a poor job representing a client, the client may write a bad review about him/her. Routinely address both positive and negative feedback.

Use Social Media to Increase Followers & Online Connections

The use of social media can definitely help you connect with more people online.  Every social media marketing strategy should identify a target audience (potential clients) you would like to connect with.

Use ManageFlitter or SproutSocial to find your target audience.  Both social services have a user-friendly interface that allows you to scan and locate people.

Use Paid Advertisements to Increase Lead Generation

Use paid advertisements to increase lead generation. Most social media platforms allow you to create and target ads to select audiences. Create a quarterly social ad schedule to increase lead generation.

I hope the tips above help. Please share this article with other lawyers.

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