Social Media Marketing To-Do List for Lawyers

Social Media Marketing To-Do List for LawyersDo you need a social media marketing to-do list?  Develop a to-do list to help you implement and manage your law practice social media marketing campaign. Review my tips below on how to develop a social media marketing to-do list for lawyers.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Lawyers

1. Develop a Social Media Strategy

Develop a social media marketing strategy before you start promoting your law practice on social media networks.  This is one of my top tips that I routinely share with lawyers.  Your marketing strategy will serve as your guide in implementing and managing your social marketing campaign. You should focus on promoting your law practice on one social network and expand from there. Additionally, pick a network such as Twitter that will allow you to promote your law practice through paid social advertisements. This will provide your law practice with more visibility to spread your marketing message to your followers.

2. Update Your Law Practice Website

You should update your website before you launch your social media marketing campaign.  Your website should have optimized landing pages that will incite your viewers to connect with you.  You can incite your viewers by including an eye-catchy call-to-action message throughout your website.  Most importantly, make sure your website includes social share buttons so your viewers can share your content with their followers.

3. Launch Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Launch your social media marketing campaign after you develop an overall strategy and optimize your law practice website.  Develop a detailed marketing schedule to make sure you properly manage your campaign.  Check out our daily social media marketing activity checklist to use as a guide for managing your campaign.

4. Measure Your Marketing Success

Your final to-do list task is to measure your marketing success.  There are several tools that you can use online to measure your social media marketing return on investment.  Take time each quarter to analyze your marketing metrics to see if your social marketing methods are working to produce new client leads, increase website traffic, or grow your social following.

I hope the tips above help you develop your social marketing to-do list.


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