Social Media Content Marketing Service for Lawyers

Our social media content marketing service for lawyers can help drive new traffic to your website and obtain new client leads. Most lawyers do not have the time to manage several social media channels. Let Esquire Media Solutions help you.

Our social media content marketing team is experienced with creating content for popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. We post content daily to various channels to increase our clients’ social influence. We also find new followers and share their content to increase engagement as well.

How Our Social Media Marketing Service Works


Esquire Media Solutions will prepare a social media content marketing strategy for your law practice. We will work with you to determine your social media marketing goals and objectives.

Esquire Media Solutions will customize your social channels to promote your brand. This includes developing custom graphics for your profile image and cover photo background. We will also complete your profile background information.

After we develop your content strategy, we will curate strategy specific content to share with your followers. The content will consists of images, news publications, blog posts, infographics, videos, and other forms of media.

Esquire Media Solutions will manage your social media channels on a daily basis. We will submit media to the following channels of your choice:

1. Twitter

2. Facebook Page

3. LinkedIn

4. Google+ Page

5. Delicious

6. Diigo

7. Stumbleupon

8. ScoopIt

Please note, the platforms above are best for lawyers that seek to maintain a daily online presence. It does not include social engagement activity with followers. It is strictly limited to content curation and distribution. The same content will be posted to all channels.

Esquire Media Solutions provides social channel engagement services to our clients. This includes following new users, eliminating spam, replying to messages, and liking your followers posts on social channels such as, but not limited to, the following: Twitter, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Google+, and/or LinkedIn.

We will prepare a monthly social influence report for you. The report will contain information regarding how many active followers, brand mentions, and the new leads you have received.

Ready to Get Started?

We welcome you to contact us to learn more about the services we provide. Our team of copywriters and social media specialists have helped lawyers across the U.S. establish a unique online presence.

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