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A Social Lawyer: Stacey Washington | Ann Arbor DUI Attorney

Esquire Media Solutions is proud to announce the publication of articles containing information about how our clients are using social media marketing to promote their law practice.  We will provide you with some of our clients opinions and experiences with marketing their practice on social media networks.

Read on to learn more about how Ann Arbor DUI attorney Stacey Washington promotes her law practice online and her insights regarding social media marketing for lawyers.

Marketing in the Cloud

Stacey first realized the importance of marketing online when she opened her solo practice in 2005. During this time, there were a limited amount of attorneys marketing their law practice online.  A former co-worker informed Stacey about her employer using a website to get new clients. This inspired Stacey to do the same.

Later, I added a blog and used social media to promote the business as well as to drive traffic to my website.

The Rise of Legal Blogging & Social Media Marketing

Stacey strongly promotes and recommends blogging:

I started out with blogging and doing other social media myself. I have since hired San Diego Esquire to do both. Blogging is a good way to continually educate potential clients about the law and gives them some insight into my practice and me.

It’s really great when I see a blog or social media post that has engaged the audience. People are paying attention and like what they read. It’s even better when it leads to a potential client. I also like that social media helps me learn what issues are important to clients.

Closing Thoughts

At the conclusion of our interview, I asked Stacey what piece of advice would she give to other aspiring lawyers utilizing social media to market their practice:

Just like moving from the yellow pages to websites was critical to attorney marketing, so is social media. Younger clients are on social media a lot. Older clients are also moving to technology. Clients have to be able to find you easily and they like to know about you before they pick up the phone to call about hiring you. Not everyone knows someone who can give them a referral to an attorney. Some clients are too embarrassed to ask for a referral so the next best thing is to do an internet search. Learn about it then do it and do it regularly whether you do it yourself or can afford to hire an expert to do it.

About Stacey Washington, Esq.

Stacey Washington is an Ann Arbor, Michigan attorney focused on DUI and criminal defense. She has over 25 years experience and has been a solo practitioner since 2005. In addition to serving the community and seeking justice, Stacey is dedicated to taking good care of her clients as well as finding and executing resolutions that are in the best interests of her clients. For more information, visit Stacey’s website at: www.smwashingtonlaw.com and blog at: www.smwashingtonlaw.com/blog or call (734) 929-9730.

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