• How a Regular Blogging Calendar Will Bring More Clients to Your Practice

How a Regular Blogging Calendar Will Bring More Clients to Your Practice

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know blogs are a great way to reach new clients. The whole world is online, and social media is the new advertising marketplace. But just how many blogs should you be posting each month? And how can you be sure your blogs are doing their job? Social media studies show frequency matters more than you might think.

Why Blogging Works

Unlike traditional advertising, nothing online operates in a vacuum. The minute you launch a new post it boosts your search engine rankings and is immediately passed around social media channels, like LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s the modern version of the shop around the corner. And it’s operating at a thousand clicks per second. The average company sees a 45% boost in traffic after bumping their posts to 21-50 per month. On the flip side, sites that lag behind are certain to see a drop in traffic. By offering regular and relevant blog posts, you are giving your consumers the information they need, and they will pay you back in kind. To see how you’re doing, use a web metrics tool like Alexa’s that reports daily page views and other key information.

Why Frequency Matters

Hubspot offered up some valuable numbers in its Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000 report. After surveying over 7,000 consumers, the report found companies that blog more than 15 times a month receive five times the amount of traffic than other sites. But blogging frequently doesn’t just drive more traffic. It turns your website into a powerhouse for generating leads (AKA clients). Companies that blog 8-10 times or more per month see double the leads than companies that post 3-6 monthly blogs.

Why Length Matters

You might have heard that age-old adage quality over quantity. Your consumers know it all too well. They want real information, helpful tips, and insider information. And they want to hear it in a voice that speaks their language. That’s hard to do under 500 words. Viral content giant Buzzsumo released a study showing a direct link between word count and the likelihood of a post being shared around the web. When it comes to lead generation: Every. Word. Counts.

In short, blog well and blog often. When marketing your law practice online, create a rocksolid publication schedule, and stick to it. Consistency is key. Frequent quality posts equates to better traffic and, most importantly, more clients at your door! 

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