• How Lawyers Can Prevent Social Media Marketing Burnout

How Lawyers Can Prevent Social Media Marketing Burnout

Learning how to prevent social media marketing burnout is key to long term online marketing success. Incorporate time saving tools into your online marketing campaign to help prevent burnout. Below I have listed my favorite tools to utilize in order to prevent social media marketing burnout when promoting your law practice online.

Follow These Simple Tips

1. Use Automatic Publication Tools

A basic component of social media marketing involves routinely posting content to your social networks for your followers to view. Manually posting updates on a routine basis can become a daunting task overtime. Incorporate automated publication tools into your marketing practice. My favorite publication automation tools are provided by Hootsuite and SproutSocial. They both allow you to schedule future updates to be distributed to your social networks.

Use Hootsuite’s bulk upload feature to schedule several updates at once. SproutSocial has an amazing feed tool available (you can add your Feedly updates) that allows you to queue select messages for future publication to your social networks.

2. Create a Realistic Publication Schedule

You should create a realistic publication schedule that will not lead to social media marketing burnout. Oftentimes, lawyers come to me requesting information about ideal publication schedules. Your publication schedule will depend on a variety of factors pertaining to your social media marketing goals and objectives.

If your main goal in using social media to market your law practice is to increase your website traffic, then I would suggest you publish a minimum of 5 updates per day. However, this publication number may not be appropriate for promoting your law practice on Facebook. Sending out 5 publications a day on Facebook may be a bit excessive depending on your audience.

3. Out-Source Your Social Media Marketing

You can contact a professional social media marketing agency to help promote your law practice online. Having professionals promote your law practice online will definitely help free up some of your time and prevent marketing burnout.

Most agencies still expect for you to be involved with your social media marketing efforts; however, they will do the bulk of the daily leg work in spreading your marketing message online across various social networks.

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