How to Organically Grow a Social Media Following

Self-proclaimed social media “gurus might tell you every lawyer should invest heavily in a social media campaign. But social media is just that: social. Relationships are essential to success. If you want to develop a strong following, quality over quantity is key. Read on to learn how to organically grow a social media following. 

How to Organically Grow a Social Media FollowingFollow the 80/20 Rule

“Pay-to-play” campaigns do have their advantages. But consumers have wisened up to advertisement overload and are looking for value-rich content. When launching a campaign, keep the 80/20 rule in mind. 80% of content should be useful, providing direct value to your consumer, while 20% can be advertising. If you’re unsure what your audience is looking for, try Google Alerts or Facebook trends. But always remember, you’re an legal expert of something. In the spirit of Mark Twain, Tweet What You Know. Where audience interest and your expertise intersect is where your best social marketing strategy lies.

Network, Network, Network

Unlike direct marketing, successful social media campaigns do not operate within a vacuum. Find leaders in your industry who have already cornered the online market. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook to see what they’re posting. Or, use tools like Twellow or WeFollow to find relevant industry users. Making connections with other lawyers is good, but making your mark on their pages is even better. See if you can join in on a conversation and add a unique tip or insight. Then, you’ll be more likely to earn followers of your own. And if you’ve targeted the right audience, these followers will already be interested in what you can provide.

Create a Sense of Community

The shop-around-the-corner has not disappeared. It just has a new virtual address. In the ever-expanding digital marketplace, people want to belong somewhere. They want to be in-the-know. Meet their need by offering behind-the-scenes information on operations, special promotions for followers, or by responding to client feedback and suggestions. A two-way dialogue lets your clients know their voice is being heard. A few loyal followers with powerful networks of their own will create a positive buzz about your business (be careful not to violate any professional rules).

Demographics, share ratios, and visitor counts are great for analytics. But your clients are people, not computers. Building relationships, listening to concerns, and sharing value-rich, engaging content will create a much more effective social media campaign.

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