How to Maximize Your Law Blog

How to Maximize Your Law BlogAs we enter 2015, blogging is becoming less of a fad and more a staple in the business world. But just because you have a blog doesn’t mean it’s winning you clients. To blog with purpose, you need a publishing plan that is matched to your clients’ needs. Here are a few ways to help your legal blog reach its full potential.

Understand Your Audience

Before the first key stroke of your first post in the new year, stop and ask yourself these questions: Who are your clients? What are their legal needs and questions? How can you use your expertise to give them the information they need? The most effective business bloggers start their blog campaign by creating a “buyer persona.” Identifying the “legal persona” of your audience will give you a leg-up on content planning. Above anything else, draft your posts with your target client in mind.

Analyze Your Success

After you understand your clients, you have to measure how you’re doing at meeting their needs. Believe it or not, this is not as hard as you might think. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can analyze your traffic sources to find out how people are reaching your site. You can also get loyalty and visit reports that show how often and how long people spend reading a post. This information can and should inform the type of posts you draft and which posts you should toss in the future.

Create Content Value

Never insult your readers. If your blog is too sales-y, your readers will smell it from a mile away. Try a more angled approach by using legal news or industry updates in your posts. This will give much more weight to your words. You can also “rally the troops” by joining the opposition in a hot-button legal or political issue. Chances are your readers are searching for the topic anyway. Why not use that to your advantage and build your clients’ trust by showing you’re on their side.

Create a Content Strategy

There is a science to the art of blogging. Once you know who you’re blogging for and what information they’re looking for, you should be able to design a publication guide. Outline specific goals you want to reach and what information you want to convey to your clients. Make them specific, time-sensitive, and measurable. If it’s not working, change it. Then, see how you’re doing by following the tips below.

Measure Your Progress

There’s no point in publishing solid content if you’re losing clients to the lawyer down the street. But how do you know how many readers turn into clients? This is where metrics come in. Consumption metrics are measurements that show how many people are reading your posts. Also, sharing metrics tell you how many posts are shared, while sales metrics that show you just how many clients the blog is bringing to your door. All of them can and should play a role in your publication plan.

With these core pieces in place, your legal blog is bound to win you more clients. Remember to use metrics and Google Analytics to see how you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to change something if it’s not working. When it comes to blogging, always remember your bottom line.

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