• Why Lawyers Should Publish On LinkedIn Pulse

Why Lawyers Should Publish On LinkedIn Pulse

To corner any market, especially in the legal field, you need a social media presence. But the challenge of creating content brings another challenge: what platform should I use? With a number of publishing platforms on the market, each has its benefits and quirks. Here are some ways LinkedIn Pulse could help your marketing campaign.

In the past the platform was only available to elite members. Now, it’s open to anyone with an account and is a great way to maximize your LinkedIn presence. If your law practice has connections and followers on LinkedIn, which you should, they will automatically see your posts. Once you reach a set number of views, your post will be picked up by Pulse, LinkedIn’s newsreader, which extends your reach even further. 

What’s So Great about Pulse

In the ever-expanding blogosphere, Pulse is a new, untapped vein of marketing potential. Because LinkedIn gains advertising revenue for extending the reach of its new content arm, the company is invested in making your content grow. For your legal business, that means little effort is required to gain the maximum exposure for your posts. It is an open field. More and more businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity it provides. With Pulse, you can gain the respect and following of potential clients more quickly than with more-established platforms. The whole purpose of LinkedIn is expert networking. Why not use their publishing tool to establish yourself up as an expert in your legal niche?

How to Get the Most from Pulse

LinkedIn’s Publisher tool is very user-friendly. Just go to your LinkedIn homepage and find the little blue pencil in your Update Box. Click on it, and you’ll find the Pulse Publisher. It is a fairly standard editor, similar to WordPress or Quora. The best part is you don’t need new material. But I would be careful to tweak an old blog post to make it LinkedIn friendly or draft fresh content that will appeal to your LinkedIn network. To get your content moving faster, you can Tweet to Tip@LinkedInPulse. Chances of a retweet are high while the platform is building speed.

This platform is a great way to take your social media campaign to the next level. If you have quality content and want to get it in front of your clients’ eyes faster, LinkedIn Pulse might be the way to go.

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