Why Lawyers Need to Develop a Long-Term Social Media Marketing Plan

Why Lawyers Need to Develop a Long-Term Social Media Marketing PlanLawyers who use social media networks to market their law practice should develop a long-term social media marketing plan. Most lawyers that benefit from promoting their law practice on social media networks know first hand the amount of time that goes into developing a highly visible online presence that leads to obtaining new client leads.

I know several lawyers who like the appeal of social media networking and the benefits it can provide for their practice, but fail at actively engaging with individuals to form new relationships.

For the most part, most lawyers do not have time to network, or they think that they can just create a profile and people will come to them. WRONG! Our successful clients who utilize our social media marketing services know first hand that building relationships takes time and that it is well worth the wait. Some lawyers will stop using social networks if they fail to generate any new clients within weeks of creating a profile and launching a campaign. Social networking was never meant to be a get rich quick scheme.

Lawyers should develop a long-term strategy on how they will use social networking to promote their law practice online. What do you want your social media presence to look like five years from now? Do you want to be known as a subject matter expert within your practice area? Will you need additional help in managing your online profiles? Do not launch any type of marketing campaign without first drafting a long-term plan.

Time is the first key ingredient to your long-term social media success. Social Media Examiner’s study asked respondents to indicate how many hours per week they dedicated to social media, and whether or not they saw improved sales from these efforts. The results show that those who consistently put in the time, week after week, saw the best results. Of the marketers who spent 30 or more hours per week on social media, 65% reported increased sales directly linked to those efforts.

Experience is another factor. The longer you’ve been working at it, the more returns you will see. There was a striking correlation, as shown in the graph below, between the number of years marketers had been investing in social media and the improvement in sales. Those marketers with 3 or more years of experience were most likely to report an increase in sales attributed to social media.

Popular social networking sites have been around for a little over a decade. WIth that in mind, make sure you have an exit plan in place just in case a site goes out of business, or a new social medium arises.

My number one recommendation is to be patient in growing your online presence. Do not give up on social media marketing within the span of a 3 month campaign. If you are not generating the following that you wanted after a certain period of time, you should re-evaluate your social marketing plan to see what you can do to improve.

I would love to know your opinion regarding your long-term social media marketing plan. Do you have an exit strategy? Have you ever considered closing your social network accounts and using other channels to market your law practice? Please comment below.


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