• How Lawyers Can Find New Leads on Twitter

How Lawyers Can Find New Leads on Twitter

Twitter has seen amazing growth of active users in the past seven years. According to Digital Marketing Ramblings, Twitter currently has over 500 million users.  Over 200 million users are active on a monthly basis.  The social network also processes more than 2.1 billion search queries per day. With such active engagement, lawyers definitely have a high chance of finding new leads on Twitter.

So how can you use Twitter to find new client leads?  Well, you can start by conducting keyword searches to find targeted people to connect with.

Twitter Search Engine Keyword Research

Professionals spend countless hours conducting keyword research analysis to develop content optimized to appear in search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  The same keyword research can also be applied to finding new leads on Twitter.

For instance, say you are a personal injury lawyer in San Diego.  Common keywords you may want to search for in an attempt to find new client leads on Twitter may be “car accident San Diego,” “injury San Diego,” “hit by car San Diego.” This is an example of some of the terms you may use to find people who are discussing this particular topic.  If you are a criminal defense lawyer, some of the terms you may search for may include “probation violation,” or “drunk driving.”

People are eagerly discussing their legal situations on social networks.  Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find out that someone is divorcing their spouse, or filing for bankruptcy as a result of bad financial decisions on Twitter. You can use the search feature in Twitter to scout out these conversations and connect with people discussing such legal topics.

Twitter Keyword Search Tools

A particular tool I like to use for my clients is ManageFlitter’s tweet search tool.  You can enter keywords to search user tweets in a specified location.


You can conduct a keyword search directly on Twitter as well. I personally prefer ManageFlitter due to its organization of the tweets and the additional features it provides regarding how many people tweeted about a particular topic.  I also prefer ManageFlitter because it allows you to go back and search through tweets during the course of the week.  This is perfect for busy lawyers who cannot conduct keyword related search queries on a daily basis.

I hope my tips above help you find new client leads on Twitter.  Please share this post with other lawyers who use Twitter to find new client leads.

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