How Lawyers Can Find More Time to Blog

How Lawyers Can Find More Time to BlogWith our 30 day blog challenge underway, you may be struggling with finding time to blog on a daily basis. From meeting with clients, to drafting motions, the last thing on your mind may be drafting a blog article. Nevertheless, if you would like to increase your online visibility, blogging is key. Read my tips below to learn how lawyers can find more time to blog on a daily basis.

1. Use Guest Bloggers

If you do not have time to publish blog articles on a daily basis, consider using a guest blogger from time-to-time. Allowing a guest blogger to publish content on your blog can be advantageous to both parties. For example. the guest blogger gets to share his/her material with a broader audience and you get to share insightful content with your readers as well. It is a win-win situation.

2. Write at Off-Peak Hours

Find time throughout the day to write, whether it’s early morning, lunch time, or the evening. You can start drafting your article in the morning and complete it at night. You do not have to sit down and complete an article within a 30 minute span. Find a flexible schedule that works for you.

3. Rotate Blogging

Depending on the size of your practice, rotate blogging duties among your staff. Create an editorial calendar so staff will know when it is their turn to publish. This will help you publish new content on a regular basis without feeling burned out.

4. Outsource Your Copywriting Needs

Finally, if you would like to take a break from blogging, don’t have time to blog, or have absolutely no interest in blogging, then I recommend you outsource your copywriting needs. Make sure you research the copywriting agency prior to hiring them to write articles on behalf of your law practice.

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