• How Lawyers Can Benefit from Press Releases

How Lawyers Can Benefit from Press Releases

Believe it or not, press releases are still a viable asset in the digital marketplace. There are a few strategies lawyers should consider before using this lucrative online marketing tool. Read on to learn more.

Expand Your Reach

Start by gaining credibility among local bloggers and journalists, but keep in mind the most effective press releases provide news for other marketing channels. Larger media outlets tend to look for stories within local channels. If your story is passed on, this will lead to inbound back links indirectly improving your search engine optimization.

Spin Stories that Sell

To attract media experts, press releases must contain newsworthy content. You can make your content more valuable by hiring a skilled copywriter to consider what’s happening in your law practice and draft press releases that set you apart as an industry expert. Additionally, you can share your law practice’s philanthropic side by announcing charity events or fundraisers. Clients will be on board with a lawyer they can believe in.

Build Bridges

Rather than spending your dollars on content that is never seen, research media trends beforehand. If you have an in-house content team, have them meet with journalists first to build relationships and find out what stories are in high-demand. Having the right relationships will pay dividends in the end.

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