Should Lawyers Buy Followers?

Should Lawyer Buy FollowersThere are several websites in which lawyers can buy followers to increase their social media presence. However, buying followers to inflate an online presence is not always the best option in marketing a law practice online. For example, people who tend to buy followers often receive low engagement from such followers because they are usually not interested in the content that is being shared. In addition, there are several ethical concerns that should be addressed prior to buying followers (pursuant to your state bar professional conduct rules).

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of buying followers and the best way for lawyers to increase their followers without jeopardizing engagement.

Buying Social Media Followers


  • More followers equals more potential client leads.
  • More followers can help increase your visibility.
  • More people may follow you.


  • Buying followers may impact your online reputation.
  • Your Twitter & Facebook account may be suspended for buying fake followers/likes.
  • It may devalue your social network relationships.

How to Buy Followers

There are several places online in which you can buy Twitter followers and Facebook “likes.” Some popular websites are,,,  and Fiverr. These sites are relatively affordable and can provide a quick massive increase. However, a downside to buying mass followers is that you cannot directly target a specific audience to follow your account.  Further, the followers tend to range from varying regions around the world, and the authenticity of the follower’s account is not guaranteed.

If someone was to check your Twitter fake follower status, then he/she could see that you potentially paid for fake followers.

Promote your Facebook and Twitter account directly on the platform in which you seek to increase your following. You will get a better bang for your buck in addition to more targeted followers and increased engagement.

How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

If you would like to increase your Twitter following, use the Twitter promoted account feature. This feature provides you with the option to promote your account to a targeted audience that are similar to your existing followers. You can select a target audience to follow your account. You can target by interest, geography, or gender.

If you utilize this feature, your Twitter account will show up in the “Who to Follow” section as well as search results. The costs pertaining to the promoted account feature is quite reasonable. You can designate a specific budget for your campaign and you pay only when people follow your account.

How to Increase Your Facebook Followers

Like Twitter, Facebook also permits lawyers to increase their page likes.  The individuals who “like” your account will get to see the content you share within their Facebook stream.

You will need to create an advertisement to promote your Facebook Page. You will be able to select what type of audience you would like your ad to target such as a specific region, age group, interest type, workplace, and/or target your specific follower’s connections as well. You can choose to pay for optimized impressions or cost-per-click.

I hope the tips above help you increase your social following.

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