Lawyer Ethics & Social Media Marketing

I have published several articles pertaining to lawyer ethics and social media marketing throughout our blog.  I highly recommend you review your state’s ethical guidelines regarding internet marketing in general before you start promoting your law practice online. As you may know, every state has different ethical rules of conduct in which lawyers are to operate under. Hence, keep in mind that the internet marketing you see conducted by lawyers in one state may not necessarily be allowed in your state.

Lawyer Ethics & Social Media MarketingFor example, Florida has some very stringent rules regarding online advertisements. All online advertisements must be “objectively verifiable.” Additionally, each advertisement on social networks must include a lawyer’s name and city. Currently, most states do not have such rules.

I often refer to ABA rules in my ethics articles because most states have embraced key components of the rules; however, you should always check what your state specific rules are regarding ethical social media marketing in addition to other forms of internet marketing prior to promoting your law practice online.

Please keep in mind that the articles published on our blog are written for a broad audience of legal professionals. We provide legal copywriting and social media marketing tips for lawyers across the U.S.  As mentioned above, what is allowed in one jurisdiction is not necessarily allowed in another. Subscribe to your state bar newsletter so you can stay up to date on any new ethical rules regarding social media marketing for lawyers.


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