How to Increase Your Law Blog’s Social Media Shares

Creating quality content for you readers to share is no easy task.  Read our tips below to learn how to increase your law blog’s social media shares.

1.  Create Great Content

How to Increase Your Law Blog’s Social Media SharesThe first step to getting more social media shares is to create great content.  Shareable content tends to be informational and entertaining.  If your content does not add value to your readers, it will not be shared.

Use tools such as Google Analytics to find out what type of content your readers enjoy the most on your website.  Look at your webpage bounce rates and average visit duration to determine what type of content is popular on your website.  You can also look at the traffic source section to determine which social networks you get the most traffic from.

Once you determine your most popular pages, share these pages on your top referring social networks.  Also, ask your followers who shared your top pages what they value the most about the information therein.  You can apply this insight towards writing future articles.

2.  Promote Your Law Blog Content on Social Media Channels

Use social media channels  to promote your law blog content.  Provide updates to Twitter or Google+ referencing your law blog articles. If your followers like your content, they will share it on their social media networks.

You cannot expect to increase your social media shares if you do not invest the necessary time into promoting your content.  You have to show people the great content you create.  Once you establish yourself as an authoritative figure, your readers will eagerly wait for you to publish new ideas and share it with their followers.

Further, make sure you post your status updates during optimal time frames for sharing. According to KISSmetrics, the best time to tweet for maximum exposure is at 5pm.  KISSmetrics states that about 6% of all retweets (the highest percentage) occur around 5pm.

3.   Install Social Share Buttons on Your Law Blog

According to BrightEdge Research, websites offering Twitter ‘share’ buttons get 7 times more social media mentions. Social share buttons allow your readers to share your content directly from your website.

There are several social share button plugins available for WordPress users.  Check out the Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Rock Social Sharing for more information.

4. Embed Social Media Updates Into Your Law Blog

You can also embed social media updates into your blog to increase social shares.   This will allow your readers to share the update on the spot. My favorite tool to embed social media updates is SocialDitto.

5. Ask Your Followers to Share Your Content

The most effective way to increase the amount of social shares for your law blog copy is to ask your followers to share your content.  You can include a call-to-action request at the end of your blog article requesting your readers to share the information on their social media channels.

Further, when you post status updates to Twitter or Google+, ask your followers to share your updates.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found the information helpful.  Please share it with other lawyers who would like to increase their social shares.  Please provide tips on how you increase social media shares below in the comment section.

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