Simple Tips for Generating Client Leads on Google+

Google Plus (Google+) is a great social media platform to find new client leads.  With over 343 million active users, you are destined to find new clients.  So how do you find new client leads on Google+?   Follow my tips below to get started. 

Conduct a Search

Simple Tips for Generating Client Leads on Google+First, conduct a local search of your target client base.  Create a social media strategy to search for your target audience.  For example, if you represent local small businesses, your target audience will be local small businesses.  Simple!  Do not wait for people to find you.  Be pro-active in seeking out new client leads.

Make Use of Google+ Features

Next, start following your target audience and make use of Google+ features to convert your audience into clients.


You can connect with your target audience by using Google+ hangouts.  The Google+ hangout feature allows you to chat face-to- face. If you are a lawyer who represents small businesses, you may want to participate in, or sponsor hangouts regarding legal tips in managing a local small business.  This is a great way to interact with local small business owners and inform them about the legal services you provide.


Join communities focused toward your target clients.  For example, if you are a divorce lawyer, join communities focused on helping people through divorce within your locale.  Alternatively, if there isn’t a community relevant to your practice area start one.  Use Google+ search features to find relevant communities to join.



Share Content

After you find your target leads, make sure the content you share is relevant to promoting your practice.   Develop a Google+ content strategy  to deliver a targeted message within your Google+ hangouts, communities, and timeline.


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Make sure you comment and engage with your lead client’s content as well.  Do not spend all of your time broadcasting your business. You need to read your lead client’s content and provide feedback.  This will allow you to build relationships with your lead clients and likely result in them becoming your client.

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