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How Lawyers Can Use Google Rich Answers to Increase SERP Ranking

Google has increasingly displayed Google Rich Answers this past year in search results to improve user experience when searching for information. Rich Answers do not require users to click on a url to search for an answer to their question. Instead, Google search users can enter a question and receive an answer instantaneously.

Lawyers can use Google Rich Answers to increase website traffic to their website and brand visibility. Read on to learn more about how lawyers can use Google Rich Answers to increase their search engine results page rankings.

What is Google Rich Answers?

Rich Answers,” “Featured Snippets,” or “Google Knowledge Graphs”  are search query results that have a definite answer. Answers are placed above search engine results with a linking source. Google provides answers to questions such as “How to file a lawsuit in California?”


Google Rich Answers Example


Google Rich Answer snippets allow people to find information quickly without having to visit the actual website. Google Rich Answers are provided in different formats such as knowledge boxes, tables, images, maps, how to graphics, and step-by-step instructions. Webpages that rank for Rich Answers in the SERP receive on average more traffic than before.

A webpage does not have to rank number one in organic search results in order to be the featured answer. The webpage must pose a question and an answer within its content. The question should be placed in the blog title and the answer within the first couple of paragraphs. Variations of the keywords should be inserted throughout the text in order to increase the chances of the webpage being featured.

In addition to posing a question and answer within the webpage, the page must also rank organically on the first page of results in order to potentially display as a Rich Answer. Most Rich Answers are pulled from positions 1 – 5.

How Lawyers Can Benefit From Rich Answers

Google Rich Answers can help lawyers drive more traffic to their website, build their audience, and brand awareness. Google Rich Answers occupy the “#0” position. Featured Snippets, as depicted below, come before traditional organic results. This is why they are often referred to as the “0” ranking position.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident Rich Answer Snippet


This increases the webpage’s impressions and click-through-rate.

Lawyers should start with “What,” ‘Why,” and “How,” questions to rank for Google Answers.

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