• What Every Law Blog Article Should Contain

What Every Law Blog Article Should Contain

Good content is good content in the news world. But in the world of legal blogging, generating more social shares than the law office around the corner can often come down to which post is wearing the nicer accessories. Here are a few things to consider before getting your blog post ready for a night out on the town.

Use Graphics to Boost Social Shares

All graphics are not created equal. Social media expert Neil Patel recently found that hand-drawn images are far more effective than stock photography at generating shares. However, stock images fare much better than the use of screenshots, which appear amateur to consumers. Graphs and charts appear to be least effective. However, niche markets, like business and education, appreciate their long-term value, which means back-links will stay in place much longer. As always, budget is an important factor to consider in any blog campaign. While hand-drawn images generate more shares, the time and skill they require make them less economical.

Create Urgency with a Call-to-Action

The web provides high-resolution capabilities that other outlets do not. Why not use that to your advantage by using a call-to-action? First, think about value proposition. What exactly will visitors gain by clicking? Will they receive a free legal advice? Or a twenty minute free phone consultation? Be crystal clear about what will happen when they click the button and you will see conversion rates increase.

Also, people respond to 2nd-person language that is clear and concise. Don’t be afraid to get bossy. Use commanding verbs, such as download, discover, or register. Time-sensitive language, like now, today, or soon has also been known to increase click-rates.

Create Readable Content

By readable, I’m not talking about Times New Roman or Arial font. I’m talking about creating a sense of reader ease. Use bullet points to break information into bite-size, manageable chunks. Make sure your sentences say what you mean and nothing more. Remember the age-old adage less is more? By focusing on the main idea, your readers will believe you are an industry expert.

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