• Email vs. Social Media Marketing: A Guide For Lawyers

Email vs. Social Media Marketing: A Guide For Lawyers

Is email marketing more effective than social media marketing? Well, it depends. Marketing professionals continuously debate which marketing strategy is more effective for businesses. The short answer is that email marketing, statistically, is more effective than social media marketing. For example, the Direct Marketing Association reported that email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) of 4300%, beating social media marketing by a significant margin. This doesn’t mean you should not us social media marketing. After all, social media marketing will continue to evolve.

To help you decide which marketing path is right for your law practice, I’ve outlined the features and benefits of both email and social media marketing below.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

1. One of the most well-known benefits of email marketing is that it is more direct. It allows you to broadcast a variety of web content to your subscribers such as links to blog articles and press releases.

2. Email marketing allows you to better customize your content. Twitter is limited to 140 characters, Facebook is still pretty basic in its template style, and Instagram is photo-based that is dependent on smartphones for publishing. With a well-crafted newsletter, you can deliver your message in a more effective manner.

3. Email marketing is still a more frequent communication tool than social media marketing. Some people do not have social media accounts. However, almost everyone who has access to a computer has a personal email account. Likewise, people check their email more than their social media sites.

4. You have an easier and more effective way of tracking user engagement metrics with email marketing. In social media, you can have likes and shares, but it’s still relatively hard to gather metric data.

5. It’s just as easy to spread marketing content with email as it is with social media. You can send your newsletters in bulk automatically to your list of subscribers and, in turn, they can easily send it to family, friends and colleagues.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1. Social media is becoming more and more ubiquitous in our society, changing everything from journalism to how businesses run. Lawyers are catching on to the use of social media as a way to advertise their services, as well as communicate with potential clients.

2. Social media marketing is great for quick, short news updates and for posting links to your website. Think of social media as the appetizer for your audience that will lead them to the main course (your website).

3. Social media is the present and the future. The technology will continue to evolve rapidly over time.

4. You can integrate web and mobile apps that will help you expand your marketing distribution channels.

5. You can use social media accounts to feed your email marketing campaigns and newsletters. For example, you can simply post a newsletter subscription link on your social media pages.

The Verdict

Use both! Why limit yourself to just email or social media marketing? They can compliment each other in marketing strategies, and will give you the opportunity to reach more of your audience.

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