How Lawyers Can Develop a Social Media Presence 

How Lawyers Can Develop a Social Media PresenceLawyers developing a social media presence is a must.  From Facebook, Twitter, to LinkedIn, there are several social media platforms lawyers can use to market their law practice. Read on to learn more about how lawyers can develop a social media presence. 

How Lawyers Can Develop a Social Media Presence to Promote Their Law Practice

1.  Develop a Social Media Presence On Popular Social Networks

Create a user account on all the top 3 social media websites for lawyers:  LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter.

Over 88% of lawyers have LinkedIn profiles.  LinkedIn is a great place to search and connect with users in your industry, interact with potential clients, and stay up to date on emerging legal trends.  LinkedIn is also a great platform to publish your content on  to market your law practice and increase new client leads.  To increase engagement on LinkedIn, comment on other user updates.   Search for groups that share a commonality with your law practice areas.

Lawyers are slowly using Twitter to connect with people.  Currently 13% of lawyers use Twitter.  Put another way, 87% of lawyers are not using Twitter to market their services.  Twitter has over 100 million visitors a month if not more.  

2. Develop a Social Media Presence to  Engage Conversation

Countless individuals get on social media sites such as Twitter to strictly market.  In theory this sounds great, but in practice, it is not practical.  First, Twitter is a micro-blogging platform.  This means you have very few words to get your message across to individuals.   If your message is full of marketing ploys, less users will want to interact with you.  It is best to promote other users content frequently.  When you develop relationships with users, they will be more willing to click your post, click your links, and most importantly, comment on your post to further social engagement.

Develop a Social Media Presence

The same principles for Twitter can be used on Facebook.  However, no two social platforms are the same.  Facebook is more community oriented.  This means that users can compose longer messages compared to Twitter.  Your Facebook Page should also include the content of others to increase engagement.  One key thing about social media – it is not all about you!  You must share other user content and comment.  Sharing content keeps it social.

3.  Develop a Social Media Presence to Generate Client Leads

Sharing elements of your law practice on social networks may diminish your sense of privacy.  You may be scared of what others think, shy, or feel uncomfortable with putting your information onto the web.   From my personal experience, marketing my businesses online has allowed me to promote my skills and increase my knowledge base. I have been able to connect with several people throughout the world.   I could go on with the benefits I receive on a personal note; however, I would like to take this time for you to engage with me.

Would you like to develop a social media presence to promote your law practice?  Contact Esquire Media Solutions for more information about how we can help market and grow your law practice. I invite you to check out our services to learn more about us. 


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