Content Strategy Tips for Lawyers

Content Strategy Tips for LawyersA content strategy consists of planning, creating, and distributing content (written or media) around your law practice area.  A content strategy can help maximize your law practice’s social media marketing campaign. Read my content strategy tips for lawyers below to get started. 

4 Content Strategy Tips for Lawyers

1.  Write for Your Audience

Provide your audience with quality material to share with others.  Th content should be interesting, helpful, and accurate.  The content should also be client focused, simple, and not full of complex legal language.  When writing for your audience, include a call-to-action within your content to increase engagement.  This will show clients that your content is client focused and not published to promote your law practice.   Basically, write what your clients want to read, not what you want to read.

2.  More Content – Less Marketing

Make sure your content is filled with insightful information that your clients can learn from.  Do not fill your content with marketing tactics. Your content should be a relationship builder, not a sales pitch. 

3.  SEO Friendly

Writing great content will help increase your webpage rankings.  Your content should be written with SEO in mind. Do not keyword stuff your content. Use relevant keyword-phrases so your audience can find your content through organic search engine results such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

4.  Create User Engagement

Your content strategy should also include content that will increase social engagement with your clients.   Write content that is socially shareable.  Socially shareable content tends to be helpful and entertaining. Make sure your clients are able to take something away from your content.  This will help increase the chances of your clients sharing your content.

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