• Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers

A well designed website is a must for lawyers who seek to obtain clients online. In order to increase website traffic, lawyers must find ways to publish engaging content that will keep their visitors coming back for more or pick up the phone to call them for legal advice. If you are looking to increase traffic to your website and generate new client leads, read my content marketing tips for lawyers below.

The Art of Storytelling

If your website does not have an up-and-running blog, start one now. Blogging allows you to share content with your online community and is an integral part of the internet culture as a whole. In order for your blog to reach its greatest potential, you must give your audience informative and well-written content. As a lawyer, you can blog about successful cases you have won. Make sure you add a human element to your content that readers can relate to.

Optimize Content

Work with a legal copywriter who has experience in SEO to boost your web pages for major search engines. By collaborating with a content marketing strategist, you can develop content with specific keywords and phrases that will get your website noticed.

Use Social Media Effectively

There are several social networking sites available for marketing content. I recommend lawyers use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. You can share different types of content across each network and maintain different levels of personal engagement. For example, you can use Facebook for linking web content that directly feeds from your blog. You can use Twitter to interact with the public through witty and informative tweets.

Use Multimedia

In addition to print copy, make sure you incorporate multimedia into your blog content. Post images of yourself hanging around the office or short video clips providing legal tips and advice. Work with a graphic designer to create sleek, uncluttered multimedia presentations on your website, such as flash video banners.

Be the Source

If you implement your content marketing campaign correctly, your website traffic and rankings will greatly increase.  If your law practice provides a specific kind of service, such as slip-and-fall workers’ compensation representation, focus on that particular topic when generating content.

I hope the tips above helps your content marketing plan. Please share this article with other lawyers who could use these content marketing tips.

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