• Social Media Marketing Content Curation Tips for Lawyers

Social Media Marketing Content Curation Tips for Lawyers

A key component of a successful social media marketing campaign involves strategic content curation. You need engaging content to share with your followers that will incite them to click and read information about your law practice.

You can categorize content creation into three main categories: original content, co-created content, and curated content. Curated content is created by others. It involves the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information that encompasses topics related to your law practice marketing message. Read on to review my top social media marketing content curation tips for lawyers. 

Effective Content Curation for Lawyers

1. Establish a Balance Between Sharing Original Content & Curated Content

Generally, most lawyers that market their law practice online create original content or co-created content. However, from time-to-time, you should share curated content on your social networks.

So how much curated content should you share? Share at least 50% original content on your social networks and 25% curated content. The remaining 25% of content should consist of conversations you develop with your followers. Find a balanced approach that works best for your social media marketing campaign. There is no “one size” fit all content curation approach.  

2. Consistently Share Content

Consistently share content on your chosen social channels. I know countless lawyers that launch a social media marketing campaign, but fail to share the right amount of content. For instance, the amount of content shared on Twitter should be twice the amount shared on Facebook (if you market on those two channels). This is in large part due to the fact that the lifespan of a post (ex – tweet or status update) varies greatly on both channels. Take a look at the Complete Guide of How Often to Post, Tweet + Facebook for Your Small Business for more guidance.

3. Add Commentary to Curated Content

Routinely add commentary to the curated content you share on social media channels. Briefly explain why (the value) you are sharing other authors’ publications. For instance, if you recently wrote a blog posts regarding the importance of obtaining legal advice during the initial stages of a start-up, Find articles that share similar information to share with your followers in order to add value to your existing blog message.

4. My Top 3 Content Curation Tools

Create content from a variety of sources. If you routinely curate content from three sources, then your readers will just start going directly to those sources instead of obtaining information from you. Here are my top 3 content curation tools to use for sourcing content:

  1.  Scoop.it!
  2. StumbleUpon
  3. Storify

I hope my tips above help. Please share this blog post with other lawyers who would benefit from using curated content for their social media marketing campaigns.

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