The Brave New World of Twitter

The Brave New World of TwitterThe Twittersphere just got a face-lift. After receiving some less-than-favorable reviews from investors, the thought leaders of Twitter have decided to revamp their offerings in a big way. Just last month, the social media giant rolled out two new services: private group messaging and the ability to shoot, edit and post videos directly through the Twitter app. Both changes will drastically change the way people use the platform and possibly broaden Twitter’s impact on a global scale.

New Video Launching Tool

Before this year, the only way Twitter users could share video was by using the app Vine. Even then, they were limited to short video snippets of about 6 seconds. Now, users can both shoot and share video clips directly from Twitter. While writing a tweet, the user simply taps on the camera, toggles over to video mode, and voilà! The service will look very familiar to anyone who has used Vine. Now there is an editing feature that allows you to shoot multiple clips and edit them into a 3-second video. The app does all this for you. Then, the footage will stream from Twitter, just like photos.

Since people are already using Twitter to post the most recent and shocking news trends, the new video feature is likely to have a global impact. Video is becoming a central part of everything we do online. People will now be able to Tweet events live, from all corners of the globe, with the click of a button. This is great for Twitter leaders who see the app building “the largest daily audience in the world,” in the near future. Video sharing is the key to engaging younger audiences who are sharing videos elsewhere. It could make Twitter more profitable to investors who have shared concerns about the app’s current monetization potential. If you have Twitter for iPhone, you can upload video directly from your camera roll. The same feature will be coming to Android soon.

New Group Messaging Feature

Another powerful new Twitter tool is the group messaging feature. With the growing popularity of messaging apps, Twitter couldn’t resist jumping into that pool. Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, recently introduced their own private chatting tool, Facebook Rooms. Twitter is following suit by allowing users to start conversations with up to 20 people at a time. Twitter product director Jinen Kamdar assures users the tool will be different than its Facebook counterpart. Twitter users largely interact with people outside their “real world” social network. So, the aim is to create a more unique brand of private messaging.

Even better, those people don’t have to follow one another to enter the chat. Allowing users to make the very public nature of Twitter a little more private will surely have a positive effect on user engagement. Gone will be the days of the never-ending conversation thread. According to Kamdar,“The conversations you have with group DM could only happen on our app.”

Twitter is not what it once was, but it is taking the necessary steps to evolve into what it could be. These changes are part of an effort to discuss significant competitive needs. But for a social media application that already has massive global appeal, developing a full-featured video and messaging tool is just what they need to push the edge. If the Twitter execs’ dreams become a reality, there is no doubt investors will be pleased with the results as well.

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