How to Brainstorm Topics for Your Law Blog

How to Brainstorm Topics for Your Law BlogSome lawyers often struggle with finding new topics to blog about. For example, after publishing over 1,000 articles, you may find yourself struggling to come up with new blog topics. If you are currently in this situation, use my tips below to help you brainstorm new topics.

1. Publish Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a frequently asked questions blog post is a great way to answer some common questions and concerns your current clients and potential new leads may have regarding their legal matter. When drafting this article, think about some of the common questions you have received from clients throughout the years and what individuals are inquiring about on your social networks as well.

2. Discuss Recent Case Results

Another topic you can blog about are your recent case results. Discuss cases that you won and why you were successful. Discussing current cases with your readers will provide them with insight as to how you work, the techniques and skills that you utilize to obtain the best outcomes for your clients, and your knowledge regarding different legal matters.

Make sure you provide a disclaimer that each case is unique and past results do not guarantee the same future results.

3. Share Your Career Highlights

Blog about your career highlights. For example, you may want to share some of the significant cases you have tried throughout your career and how it has impacted the way you practice, or confirmed your passion for lawyering. Discussing your career can also shed light on what type of attorney you are and how you have helped your clients throughout the years in obtaining the justice they deserve.

4. News & Events

You can blog about news and events that your law practice will be sponsoring or participating in. Make sure you invite your readers to attend and discuss the benefits of attending.

5. Take a Break from Blogging

You may need to take a break from blogging. If you feel that blogging has taken up to much of your time, or feel a potential blogging burnout surfacing, take a break. Tell your readers that you will be back in a week or two. Sometimes taking a much needed break is all you need to feel recharged and ready to blog again.


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