• Best Dates and Times to Publish A Blog Post

Best Dates and Times to Publish A Blog Post

With more and more lawyers catching onto the social media train, it pays to understand user trends. One of the most important trends is time. Work smarter, not harder, by incorporating the following information into your social media campaign.

Best Time of Day

Social media scientist Dan Zarrella analyzed close to 100 million retweets and found retweet activity peaks at around 4pm EST. In general, tweets are more common during the day and less common at night and between 8-10am. If you want to get the most bang for your buck on Twitter, tweet a new post in the afternoon. On the other hand, Zarrella’s study of Facebook posts showed that articles published in the morning, around 9am, get more attention.

Best Day of the Week

Zarrella’s study also showed retweets are more likely to occur later in the week, usually on Fridays. Sunday is the least active day for retweets, with Tuesday following close behind. In the Facebook world, blog shares occur more on the weekends, with Saturday showing by far the highest rate of shares. This is probably because many companies now ban Facebook at work. Looking at the Twitter and Facebook charts together, posting a new blog on either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning will get the best results.

Reader Habits

Another survey by Zarrella measured the habits of 1,400 blog readers and found that mornings are most popular. About 80% of those polled said they read blogs in the morning, with less than 50% of blogs read in the evening hours. While many people said they read blogs at multiple times throughout the day, afternoon and evening are much less popular times.

How to Use This Information

With all this data in mind, frequency still plays a big role in readership. Blogs that publish multiple times per day are more successful than those that post once daily at a set time. But not every company has the staff or resources to create that type of content. In those cases, Google Analytics creates custom reports that display your highest to lowest traffic by day and time. You can use that information and a few clever tricks to maximize your blogging potential and boost your traffic.

For starters, try posting your articles in the morning when Facebook shares are hot and readers are active. Then, tweet your post in the late afternoon when Twitter uses are more likely to retweet the content. Since most people read blogs in the morning, the information will be there for them after they see the tweet. Also, try posting new blogs later in the week, with the best time being 4pm on Friday. If possible, add another post Saturday morning to appeal to the Facebook crowd.

There is a science to business blogging success. Of course, these are just guidelines, and overall traffic flow depends on the industry. If you cater to a tech audience, you might see completely different trends than more traditional industries. Either way, it pays to use data to drive your publication schedule.

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