• The Benefits of Lawyers Updating Old Blog Posts

The Benefits of Lawyers Updating Old Blog Posts

If you are struggling to come up with new ideas to blog about, update old blog posts. Why would you want to update old posts? Read on to learn more.

1. New Relevant Material

Lawyers often write articles about pressing new legal issues that may later become written into legislation. When people browse your archives, they may stumble upon the first few articles you have written regarding the matter. Provide insightful commentary on old posts reflecting new relevant material regarding the legal matter.

For example, our legal copywriters have helped lawyers draft copy for blog posts related to the Affordable Care Act. Several of the articles have been updated, or additional new articles have been published as a result of new regulations being passed. Revamping old blog posts helps you stay current with the information you share with your readers.

2. Inbound Link Juice

Another benefit of updating old blog posts it to increase your inbound links. You can update your old blogs by linking to relevant new blog articles that provide your readers with additional information. This is a great way to work on your inbound link campaign.

3. Highlight Information in Old Posts

From time-to-time, it is a good idea to publish a blog article that sums up a series of old blog posts you have published regarding a particular issue. Before you publish this type of article, review your old blog posts to make sure the information within them are up to date.

4. Guest Blog Post Exposure

You can use old blog posts as guest blog articles. This is a great way to increase your visibility and readership online. Make sure you use no-follow links when applicable.

5. SEO Benefits

As a blogger, you know first hand that Google enjoys indexing fresh new content. Well, when you update old blog posts, Google bots may up the SEO value of the blog article and increase its search rankings. Do not add “fluff” content to old blog posts. Look at the most popular keywords readers used to find that article through search engines and use that as a starting point to elaborate on the content.

I hope the tips above help. I invite you to share this article with other lawyers who could benefit from revamping old blog posts.

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