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5 Common SEO Mistakes Lawyers Make

Lawyers new to internet marketing make SEO mistakes all the time. This often occurs because lawyers are unaware of SEO best practices. It is important for lawyers to stay educated and informed about the latest SEO developments. Read on to learn more about the top 5 common SEO mistakes lawyers make.

5 Common SEO Mistakes Lawyers Make & Should Avoid

1. Avoid building incoming links too fast. Effective link building is important for SEO success. Common SEO mistakes lawyers make are building incoming links too fast. Building links to your website should be a gradual process. New websites should not have hundreds of incoming links. Diversifying links to different areas of a website is SEO best practice. All your incoming links should not point to your homepage. Most importantly, lawyers should not participate in any black hat link building schemes. Doing so will only hurt your SERP rankings.

2. Avoid not performing internal link building. Linking pages and blog posts will help with on-page SEO. Internal link building helps improve page views, time on site, and search engine bot crawls and indexing. You do not need thousands of internal links for SEO success. Use no more than two to four internal links per website page or blog article.

3. Avoid developing poor content. Publishing quality content is key for online marketing success. Creating quality content helps build trust and authority with your audience. Not publishing quality content is a huge SEO mistake lawyers should avoid. Work with an experienced copywriter if you do not have time to devote to content marketing.

4. Avoid not promoting blog posts. I cannot stress enough the importance of promoting blog posts. Publishing blog posts does not guarantee people will see them. Building a decent audience is key to blogging success. Promoting your own blog posts will initially take a lot of work. Promoting your blog posts will become easier once your audience grows. The most effective ways to promote blog posts include the following:

  • Publish blog posts on social media
  • Use social media ads on Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog posts to a pre-defined targeted audience
  • Write a summary of the post and publish it on LinkedIn Pulse
  • Send the blog posts to your email list
  • Build internal links within blog posts
  • Write a guest post on an authoritative website and link it to a blog post on your website

Ask your followers to like and share your posts as well. This will help expand the reach of your content. Not promoting blog posts is one of the top SEO mistakes lawyers should avoid.

5. Lack of social media presence. Not having a social media presence is a huge marketing mistake. Social media is one of the best tools you can use to enhance SEO. Lawyers should be active on at least two social media platforms. Social media provides a good source of traffic to a website or law blog. You do not have to be active on every social media network. Pick one or two networks in which your targeted audience spends most of their time. Contact us for more information about how to create a social media account for your law practice.

I hope the above tips helps your on-page SEO and SERP rankings. Contact us for more information about SEO mistakes lawyers make and should avoid.

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