• 4 Newsletter Marketing Tips for Lawyers

4 Newsletter Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Newsletter marketing is a great way to reach your subscribers without spending a lot of money. Though it is relatively inexpensive to launch a newsletter marketing campaign, publishing newsletters can be time-consuming. Before you commit to newsletter marketing, make sure it is right for you. Below are 4 simple newsletter marketing tips for lawyers.

1. Eliminate Words that Trigger Spam Filters

Billions of emails are flagged as spam each day. Because most unsolicited emails carry viruses, email programs automatically filter message that appears to be spam. Programs can detect spam by checking for specific keywords that are commonly associated with spam. Such words include “earn thousands of dollars,” “free cash,” and “trip winner.” Avoid using common spam words that may trigger your newsletter being routed to the junk mail folder.

 2. Deliver One Clear Message

Make sure your content is clear and straight to the point. Provide a clear reason for your subscribers to click your call-to-action link. This will help increase engagement with your subscribers. Also, keep your newsletter simple. Most subscribers do not want to read a 2,000-word newsletter. Keep your newsletter short and your message clear.

3. Insert Videos

Use videos to increase engagement. Most lawyers who use videos in their newsletter experience a significant increase in click-throughs. The video should be less than 2 minutes long and include a call-to-action.

4. Encourage Social Action

Use social media share buttons to increase subscriber engagement. Put social share buttons below the fold. Ask your readers to share the newsletter with their peers who may benefit from the information therein. Do not shy away from asking your readers to share your content.

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