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Twitter Tips for Lawyers

Twitter is one of my favorite social media websites. With millions of daily users, lawyers can stay updated on the latest legal news and technology develops. Lawyers can use Twitter to grow their law practice. Read my Twitter tips for lawyers to get started. 

My Top 4 Twitter Tips for Lawyers

1. Complete Your Twitter Profile

Twitter Tips for LawyersI strongly encourage lawyers to develop a complete profile page rich in keywords.  Keywords in your profile identifies the specific content (brand, industry, identity) that reflects your Twitter account. For example, I have keywords related to  content and social media marketing for lawyers in my profile.  When users search for users based on those keywords, my user account will display in search results.   When you insert keywords into your profile, include a url to your website, blog, or other professional website.  Use Hootsuite to shrink your links to limit the amount of characters.

2.  Your Followers & Your Following

When it comes to who you follow, follow people relevant to your business interest.  social media strategy.  If you are a divorce lawyer, follow other divorce lawyers on Twitter to engage with them regarding new trends on family law.   

Follow socially engaging people.  You will notice that there are a lot of people marketing on Twitter.  This will get annoying after a while if you truly seek to build relationships. For people who follow you, review their profile to see what similarities you have in common to develop discussions around.  Some users are on Twitter for inappropriate reasons.  You can easily block such users and report them as spam. Do not fret over having thousands upon thousands of followers.  Focus your energy on developing quality social engagement with your followers and your following will grow.

3. Twitter List

As your following increases, there will be too many tweets for you to read.  Twitter allows you to create lists to categorize tweets into.   A list is made up of specified Twitter users you choose.  You have the option to create your own list, or subscribe to the list of others.   When you view a list timeline, the tweets will be restricted to the designated users you list.  This helps you keep track of specific tweets related to your keywords. 

4.  Re-tweets & Mentions

Twitter becomes more personable when others re-tweet or mention you in their tweet.  A re-tweet occurs when someone takes your tweet and tweets it to their Twitter timeline.   You will receive a notification that someone has re-tweeted you.  This means that their followers can also see the tweet.

People will re-tweet your content if they feel that their followers will enjoy the content and as a way to further engage discussion with you.  A mention occurs when someone simply mentions you in a tweet. Someone simply composes a tweet and mentions your username.  This may be done to alert you to a post or ask your opinion on a matter.

Schedule your time carefully with tweeting and reading other’s tweets.  Twitter can be quite time consuming.  I recommend designating 1 hour of your day to socially engage on Twitter.  You can spend this hour participating in a Twitter chat,  tweeting and engaging with others, or finding people to connect with through the profile search feature.

I hope you enjoyed these 4 basic Twitter tips.  I would like to connect with you on Twitter: @kymeshiamorris

Do you find these Twitter tips helpful?  Please comment below and tell me what you think!  Happy Tweeting!


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