3 Tips on How Lawyers Can Enhance Their Content Marketing

3 Tips to Enhance Your Online Content MarketingBefore you launch a social media marketing campaign to promote your law practice, you should first develop a content marketing plan. I have written several articles on the topic and how it impacts one’s social media marketing performance; however, I often see a lack of well developed legal content on law blogs.

Identify Your Content Marketing Objectives

First, identify your overall content marketing objectives prior to marketing your law practice online. If you would like to be sought out as a subject matter expert pertaining to your practice area, develop rich content that shows your insight and expertise.

If you constantly publish thin content, you will not receive a good return on your investment. No one wants to read vague content. Hire a professional legal copywriter to help you start blogging.

Distribute Your Content Online

Once you develop your content, research the best online channels to share your published articles. Sharing your content on social media channels is my top recommendation.

Research online news journals in which your clients and prospective clients subscribe to and try to publish your articles there as well. The more channels you can distribute your content to, the greater online exposure you will have.

Send your message to the right platform. What you distribute on Twitter might not be practical in distributing on LinkedIn or Facebook. Interact with your audience and find out the type of content they prefer.

Consistently Publish Content

There are several studies that show how consistently publishing quality content helps increase your online presence, website traffic, and readership. Develop a publishing schedule that you can stick to. Publish at minimum 6 articles a month on your blog and 2 articles on online journals.

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