4 Social Media Time Management Tips for Lawyers

A social media time management strategy is a must if you seek to be socially engaging. As a legal professional, I know first hand that if you don’t maintain a social media schedule, you will find yourself burned out and un-followed. Below you will find 4 essential social media time management tips for lawyers.

1. Link Your Social Media Accounts Together

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ allow you to link your accounts together.  This enables you to send an update from your Facebook account automatically to your Twitter account.  

Facebook to Twitter Account Link Time Management

Facebook to Twitter Account Link Time Management


As you see in the picture above, I posted a new update to my Facebook Page.   This same update will automatically be sent to my Twitter feed.  You will notice the url fb.me.  That is an indication that this tweet originated from my Facebook account.


Twitter Account Link to Facebook

Twitter Account Link to Facebook

LinkedIn also allows you to automatically post updates to Twitter.  Take advantage of simultaneous posting.  This will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend sharing your content across social networks.  Check out the settings under your account profile to link your social media accounts together.

2. Designate a Specific Time of Day to Post Content 

If you designate a specific time of day to post content to your social media accounts, you will save time and be able to actively enhance your social media strategy.  Spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for posting content.  This time interval will include finding content to post to your social networks, and/or, re-sharing other people content with your followers.  Do not do anything but post content during this time.

In regard to your social media strategy, make sure the content you post reflects your social media strategy.  If your strategy centers around getting personal injury clients through your online social engagement,  share content around personal injury claims.  Do not post content irrelevant to your strategy.

You will need to set a period of time aside during your week to actively post content.  Do not go over your allocated time when posting.  Social media can be consuming; however, you need to focus your time during specified intervals.

3. Designate a Specific Time of Day to be Socially Engaging

You also want to designate a specific time of day to be socially engaging.  I would recommend 20 minutes at minimum (preferably in the evening, or whenever you have downtime).  During this time, respond to tweets, updates, and any other messages you may receive from your social networks.  You can also use this time to read the content others have shared.  Feel free to reply to other users content as well.  Use this time to start conversations and make new connections.

I hope you enjoyed the tips above.  Do you have any additional social media time management tips you would like to share with me?  Please respond by commenting below.

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