My Top 3 Social Analytic Tools for Lawyers

Here are my top 3 social analytic tools for lawyers to use to measure their social media influence.

 1.  Topsy

So what is Topsy all about?

Topsy provides deep, comprehensive analyses of hundreds of billions of Tweets and web pages gathered from millions of unique websites, blogs and social media services. Topsy’s platform leverages these social conversations to index, analyze and rank content and trends.

So how does Topsy work?  Topsy allows you to analyze the reach of your social media influence.  For example, go to Topsy and enter your Twitter user name.  The results will illustrate all mentions, links, and tweets associated with your Twitter profile.  The results span the last 30 days of your social media activity.  The results will also display users who re-tweeted, commented, or shared your specific tweets with other users.  This is a great feature because you get to see the social impact (engagement) of your most popular tweets.

My Top 3 Social Analytic Tools for Lawyers

The search results will display all tweets, links, photos, and videos you have shared with users via web.  According to Topsy, I have shared over 1,205 links with users.  Wow!


You can click on each search result to get a more detailed view on the users you influence. In the past 7 days, my most popular tweet was 4 Basic Twitter Tips for Lawyers.

Once you determine who you influence the most, give that person a shout out on Twitter and thank him/her for sharing your content.  You may want to include these users in your tweets pertaining to your new blog post, RT’s, or other articles you wish to share.

2.  Hootsuite

Similar to Topsy, Hootsuite also lets you measure your social influence.  Hootsuite can prepare customized analytics detailing your top tweets.  Unlike Topsy however, Hootsuite basic user account limits your top tweets to their “” url short code. This means that all your tweets must contain their url short code to be tracked.

This url restriction will limit the analytics of your true outreach data.  Hootsuite has other great features like their scheduled posts.  This feature lets you schedule posts to your social media accounts.  Also, Hootsuite allows you to monitor your social media feeds (Google+, Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn) in one place .

 3.  Klout

Klout is another cloud based tool you can use to measure your social influence.  Klout generates a social influence score for each account. As you connect and engage with more users via social media, your overall Klout score will increase. As your Klout score increases, you will be invited to participate in select events.  For example, people with top Klout scores may be invited to a resort opening as a guest with the condition that they provide feedback on their resort experience via social media. So what are some great Klout features?   Like Topsy, Klout allows you to monitor who you influence with each post to your social account.  It provides a break down of the people you influence based on each linked account (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube) .

The picture above shows the extent of my influence with this particular tweet.  Klout also provides users with a detail list of who influences who.  This is a great way to find more people to connect with who share your same interests via social media. I hope you begin to use these social analytic tools.  Please provide a comment below on your favorite social analytic tool to use.

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