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3 Fundamentals of Effective Newsletter Marketing for Lawyers

Newsletters are one of the most valuable tools in today’s world of relationship marketing. In fact, a 2012 survey conducted by Exact Target, found that 66% of Americans made purchases after receiving a newsletter marketing message. So, why exactly is newsletter marketing so effective and how can you use it to obtain new clients? Read on to learn more.

Create Brand Loyalty

The goal of newsletter marketing is to get clients to look forward to the next issue. Companies like Progressive do this by providing useful information, such as driving tips to improve road safety and avoid costly collisions. Content that is seen as great value to your readers will go a long way to keeping them tuned in which makes online newsletters a great anti-competition strategy.

Save Time and Money

The value of newsletter marketing is that messages can be sent quickly and efficiently. No money is spent on printing, postage, or phone call campaigns. On average, businesses made a profit of $40.56 for every $1 spent on newsletter marketing in 2011. Also, the speed of email means you can promote a holiday event in real time.

Target Your Advertising Efforts

The real-time response of newsletter marketing provides your law practice with information on what headlines, content, and graphics will yield the best results. Use this to your advantage by hiring skilled copywriters to generate content that meets your client’s needs. By designing more relevant messages, you will be guaranteed to increase client response and increase your public and media exposure.

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